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Supporting Your Children

Child Support


In the state of Illinois, both parents are responsible for providing financial support for their children. The state’s child support guidelines are designed to ensure kids’ needs are met. For most people, it’s a good idea to work with a skilled child support lawyer.

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Child Support in Chicago 

When parents don’t live together, such as in the case of divorce or a break-up, the parent who has less time with the children is typically the one who has to pay child support. Based on the amount of money that both parents make combined, the court determines the basic child support obligation; then, that basic obligation is divided between the parents based on their incomes. The amount of time a child spends with each parent may play a role in how much money the judge orders, as well.

Changing Child Support 

If you or your former spouse experiences a significant change in circumstances, it’s possible to change the amount of child support you pay. However, you must show the court there has been  a significant change in employment or income (either party), your parenting time agreement has changed, or you’ve had some other major change in circumstances. 

A new spouse or remarriage can be relevant in the calculation of support. While the new spouse’s income should not be included in the total income, a remarriage can be a factor to consider depending on how it affects either party’s financial circumstances.

Do You Need to Talk to a Lawyer About Child Support? 

Did you recently find out your ex makes significantly more money now? Did you recently lose your job?

It’s possible that you may have a case to modify child support. Whether it’s modification or setting initial support, I can help ensure that your child support amount is calculated correctly, and I’ll look into any issues that would impact the appropriate and fair amount. I’ll also ensure that both parties’ incomes are fully disclosed to ensure that your child receives the support that he or she is entitled to.

Call me at 312-818-5279 for a case review. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and walk you through the process courts use to determine child support, as well as help you with other divorce-related issues such as child custody, division of property or going back to court to modify an existing order.